Emille Vol. 10 (2012)


(The abstracts of the papers in Emille vol. 10 are available at the RILM.)

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emille vol. 10 cover


PART I: Selected Papers from KEAMSAC2012

Akkermann, Miriam

The Computer as Extension of the Composer:
KARLHEINZ ESSL “more or less”

Ash, Kingsley / Stavropoulos, Nikos

Stochastic Processes in the Musification of Cellular Automata:
A case study of the Livecell project

Cauwelaert, Sascha Van / Gutiérrez, Gustavo / Roy, Peter Van

Practical Uses of Constraint Programming in Music
Using Relation Domains

Dobrian, Christopher

Techniques for Polytemporal Composition

Pinto, João Castro

What is a Soundscape Composition?
– towards a paradigmatic definition –

Torres, Rita / Ferreira-Lopes, Paulo

Multiphonics as a Compositional Element in Writing for Amplified Guitar (1)

Voyce, Thomas

Reworking Environmental Sound Composition:
Live electronics and phonography as an alternative production model

PART II: Translation

Choi, Kyong Mee

Spatial Relationships in Electro-Acoustic Music and Painting

PART III: Reviews

Park, Soon-young

Seoul International Computer Music Festival 2012