Emille: the Journal of the Korean Electro-Acoustic Music Society
Revised on April 26, 2019

Emille is the nickname of the Korean Divine Bell of Seongdeok the Great that is over a thousand years old.
The bell has its own special sound created by the utmost efforts and the best technology available at the time it was made.
The sound of the bell is considered to be one of the most beautiful sounds in Korea, and that honor will probably continue to be bestowed on it for the next thousand years.
In accordance with the name, we hope Emille, the Journal of the Korean Electro-Acoustic Music Society, will be treasured by Koreans as well as people all over the world.
We believe that the diverse and creative articles in Emille can serve as the foundation for developing a new culture of sound and music, and that its contribution could be a legacy that will last over a thousand years.

• Emille Vol. 16 (2018)

• Emille Vol. 15 (2017)

• Emille Vol. 14 (2016)

• Emille Vol. 13 (2015)

• Emille Vol. 12 (2014)

• Emille Vol. 11 (2013)

• Emille Vol. 10 (2012)

• Emille Vol. 9 (2011)

• The past webpage: Emille Vol. 1 - 8 (2001-2010)
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에밀레 종소리는 천 년을 이어오는 우리의 소리입니다.
당시 최고의 과학 기술에 의하여 태어난 소리입니다.
또한 천 년을 이어갈 소리이기도 합니다.
한국전자음악협회 학술지 에밀레도 우리나라와 세계의 새로운 소리 문화를 구축하는데 큰 기여를 하게 되기를 바랍니다.
에밀레에 실린 여러 창의적인 논문들이 앞으로 천 년을 이어갈 소리 문화를 만드는 바탕이 되기를 바랍니다.

• 에밀레 제16권 (2018)

• 에밀레 제15권 (2017)

• 에밀레 제14권 (2016)

• 에밀레 제13권 (2015)

• 에밀레 제12권 (2014)

• 에밀레 제11권 (2013)

• 에밀레 제10권 (2012)

• 에밀레 제9권 (2011)

• 이전 홈페이지: 에밀레 제1-8권 (2001-2010)

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