Emille Vol. 11 (2013)


(The abstracts of the papers in Emille vol. 11 will be available at the RILM.)

For purchasing a hard copy of the journal, please email us at emille[at]keams.org.

emille vol. 11 cover


PART I: Selected Papers from KEAMSAC2013

Akkermann, Miriam

The computer as a part of the network ensemble:
Georg Hajdu “Ivresse '84”

Andean, James

Electroacoustic Performance Practice in Interdisciplinary Improvisation

Cacciatore, Maurilio / Schwarz, Diemo

Tools for the writing of Tamonontamo (2012):
a new way to relate concatenative synthesis and spatialization

Fischer, Christian M.

Motion Graphic Notation:
a tool to improve live electronic music practice

Harkins, H. James

Affectations/Torso: A case study in future-proofing interactive computer music through robust code design

Kretz, Johannes / Siska, Ádám

Analysis, Data Reduction, Composition and Re-Synthesis in KLANGPILOT

Sigman, Alexander Theodore / Misdariis, Nicolas / Megyeri, Matthias

alarm/will/sound: A Multidisciplinary Research/Installation Project

Stansbie, Adam

Between Plasticity and Performance:
an ontological account of electroacoustic music

PART II: Reviews

Park, Soon-young

Seoul International Computer Music Festival 2013

Shin, Jee Soo

Defying seriousness and solemnity:
EAM(Electro-acoustic music) concert in the club

Kim, Kyounghwa

A New Stage for Communication and Empathy:
Jean Geoffroy plays Attacca!