Emille Vol. 9, No. 1 (2011)


(The abstracts of the papers in Emille vol. 9 are available at the RILM.)

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emille vol. 9 cover


PART I: Selected Papers from KEAMSAC2011

Barlow, Clarence

Algorithmic Composition, Illustrated by My Own Work:
A review of the period 1971-2008

Chao, Albert

iMeasure (iM) Headphones:
Sonar mediated listening explorations

Donnarumma, Marco

Xth Sense:
A biophysical framework for the application of muscle sounds to interactive music performance

Gahn, Peter

Execution, Intuition and Chance:
Exploration and interpretation of musical structures with live electronics

Gonçalves, André

Rediscovering an Analogue Heritage:
Digitally driven voltage-controlled synthesizer modules

Mazzola, Guerino / Park, Joomi

Creativity in Music:
Theories, strategies, and composition software

Oh, Jieun / Wang, Ge 

An Omni-Biographical Composition

Varchausky, Nicolás / Carver, Scott / McCrea, Michael 

Tertulia Project at Mirogoj Cemetery:
A Constellation of Voices, Names and Spectral Transformations in Space

PART II: Reviews

Dudas, Richard

International Computer Music Conference 2011

Lim, Seunghyuk

Seoul International Computer Music Festival 2011

Shin, Seonga

International Computer Music Conference 2011